Ain is a sports enthusiast interested in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. She graduated with Bachelors in Physiotherapy (Hons.) from Trinity College, Dublin and has been working as a Physiotherapist for 5 years. Upon graduation she worked as a physiotherapist in orthopaedics, geriatrics and surgery(post-op) before specializing in sports physiotherapy at the Singapore Sports Medical Centre, Changi General Hospital. For almost 3 years, Ain worked closely with a team of exercise physiologists, sports doctors, podiatrists, nurses and dieticians. Together with surgeons and exercise physiologists, Ain developed an ACL protocol that outlines the post-op recovery timeline.

Ain works closely with national level athletes, youth sports players and semi-pro club players of various sports, including netball, volleyball, football, Taekwando and golf.

At the same time, Ain teaches modules for junior therapists as part of continuous learning. She is also qualified in dry needling, basic spinal mobilisation and basic spinal manipulation.

Ain enjoys football, jogging and trekking. She represented her schools/clubs in softball, netball and touch rugby and is also familiar with martial arts and yoga. She enjoys working out at home and does free online workouts for family and friends. Besides that, she runs an online channel providing tips on injury management, various exercises for different body parts and also stretches to relieve pain and aches.

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