Andrea Lliso

Osteopath | Novena

Osteopath, M.Ost, Registered Osteopath UK

Language: English, French

Expertise: Structural, Visceral, Cranial, Functional, Paediatric, Obstetric and Women Health osteopathy. Cupping, Dry-needling therapy

Andrea Lliso | Osteopath at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Andrea was born in Paris and graduated with a master’s degree from the European School of Osteopathy in England.

He integrates all osteopathic techniques and models, such as structural, cranial, and visceral osteopathy, to find what best suits his patients and help them return to a healthy life. He creates the right therapeutic environment and treatment plan for the patients by using a holistic approach and patient-practitioner collaboration, taking into account all aspects of their lives. The treatment employs a number of techniques in order to be as effective as possible, ensuring that his patients receive the best results possible. Lifestyle and day-to-day advice, such as exercises or how to break bad habits that cause pain, are part of his treatment approach. This approach enables his patients to recover and avoid future injury while also helping them feel good in their bodies.

He understands that knowledge is power and strives to educate his patients about the causes of pain and the factors that contributed to their discomfort, as well as how the treatment can help them. Although he strongly believes in a structural approach, he also recognises that humans are much more than that and that we should always strive to improve our well-being, not just physically but also mentally. This is accomplished by acknowledging that our mind and body are interconnected parts of a whole.

He employs cupping therapy to increase blood or lymphatic fluid circulation, as well as to relax and heal body tissues. This can aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions, work on the body’s energy, and is an excellent tool for gaining time in the treatment room. Dry-needling, also known as western acupuncture, is another technique he employs in his practice if it is appropriate for the patient’s needs. This also aids in the treatment of chronic or acute injuries that are sometimes difficult to treat manually or that have resisted other forms of treatment. He enjoys continuous learning and doing reflective work. He is currently studying hypnosis as a treatment option.

During his training and career in London, he treated patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with work-related issues, such as office and construction workers, hairdressers, and professional athletes, to name a few. He enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life and sharing his passion for Osteopathy with them.

His other interests include eating a variety of tasty foods and riding skateboards, skates, and surfboards. He also practiced martial arts, which helped him understand the importance of breathing and self-control in dealing with a variety of stressful situations.