James Rowland is an extremely passionate practitioner who graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy, from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy (London). He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

James prides himself in being able to offer an accurate examination and diagnosis, therefore allowing him to tailor treatment for each individual and offer the best possible care for his patients. To meet the needs of individual patients, he uses a large variety of osteopathic modalities and techniques such as structural and cranial. This patient led holistic approach always includes patient education and exercise prescription when appropriate.

James Rowland used to run a very successful multidisciplinary clinic in Cardiff, Wales (UK) before continuing his profession in Singapore. During his time in Cardiff James built close relationships with professional rugby players, footballers and other pro and amateur athletes. This has led James to become specialized in the treatment and prevention of sporting injuries.

James also has a keen interest in using cranial osteopathy treatment for babies and children. James has carried out training in the UK for cranial osteopathy which is an extremely safe and effective method of treatment. This training also naturally influenced his transition into the treatment of the pregnancy related pain.

James operates in conjunction with GP’s, Orthopedic surgeons and the like. With access to further imaging modalities such as MRI, an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be set in place from the initial consultation.