Jenny Mullen trained in the UK at Oxford Brookes University and is a member of the British General Osteopathic Council.  She graduated in 2013 and has worked for over 3 years in the CBD in Singapore, she then worked for 15 months in Central Hong Kong.  She has just returned to Singapore after 4 months in Sri Lanka being based at a wellness resort.

Jenny Mullen is also a qualified Sport Rehabilitation Therapist.

Having graduated in Sports rehab therapy in 2001 she spent 12 years working in London both within private clinics and the national health service where she specialized in lower limb orthopaedics. Jenny is passionate about sports and has worked with semi-professional football clubs, a running club and boxing clubs.

Jenny is a qualified matwork Pilates instructor, she utilizes some of the Pilates exercises and principles as one of the tools within her rehabilitation programmes.  She teaches one to one Pilates for rehabilitation of injuries and pre and post-natal Pilates.

Jenny treats all age ranges from babies to elderly patients.  Jenny utilizes a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment that caters to the needs of the individual patient.   She uses a wide variety of Osteopathic techniques including both structural and cranio-sacral, trigger point release, Kinesiology taping, stretching and functional movement rehabilitation.

Jenny believes in promoting body awareness and providing rehabilitation tools to not only recover from current injuries and dysfunctions but as preventative measures for long-term use.

Jenny loves to travel, exploring different cultures and cuisines. When she is not travelling she spends her time at her boxing club, hiking and yoga classes.

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