Joel Simpson

Sleep Practitioner

Joel was originally trained as an exercise physiologist in Australia and has worked in treating
patients with sleep and breathing disorders for over 10 years.

Joel graduated from Griffith University with a degree in Exercise Science in 2007 and
received post graduate qualifications in Sleep Disordered Breathing and Exercise
Physiology in the years following.

Joel has lectured across the world in Inspiratory Muscle Training and across APAC in Sleep
Disordered Breathing.  He focuses on an evidence-based approach to treatment, treating
sleep and breathing issues in both children and adults, from asthma to Sleep Apnea.

Joel excels at building plans to improve patients’ sleepiness and snoring using his deep
understanding of Sleep Disordered Breathing. He works alongside top medical specialists
and health care providers to ensure the patients receive the best possible holistic care.

Having a specialty in breathing and sleep has also enabled Joel to work with world class
athletes across a number of sports. As an elite athlete himself, Joel understands the
nuances between different types of sports, and what it takes to get the desired result by
adding additional performance training to training loads.