Matthew Cornwall graduated from Salford University with a bachelors in Physiotherapy and has built up a wealth of experience treating musculoskeletal conditions. This has been through working in a busy outpatient hospital and private sector settings.

Matt believes in treating patients using the latest evidence based techniques; he uses a combination of manual therapy and exercise to achieve excellent results in rehabilitating injuries. He looks not only to treat the pain but also to get to the source of the issue to prevent repeat episodes.

He is able to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions but has a strong interest in rehabilitating shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries and helping patients return to sport from injury. He believes in following an individualised treatment program to allow patients to take control, prevent future injury and help achieve their goals.

Matt is continually developing his skills to provide the best possible treatment and has recently completed a ‘movement with mobilisation’ course, a technique that combines both manual therapy and exercise to achieve a reduction in symptoms and greater functional independence for patients.

Matt has a strong interest in sports but has a particular enjoyment for running and playing rugby. He has run in multiple events over varying distances in the UK and Singapore as well as working as a physiotherapist at major sporting events around the UK. His next goal is to compete in the Bintan Triathlon.