David Murphy – Physiotherapist

David Murphy

David Murphy received his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, and AHPC (Singapore). David’s experience comes from previously working in Neuro rehabilitation, Orthopaedic rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal and Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy specialist clinics.

David has a passion for treating a wide range of injuries and dysfunctions including neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, low back & pelvic pain, frozen shoulders, as well as rehabilitating conditions such as rotator cuff reconstructions and ankle sprains. David Murphy uses techniques such as myofascial/trigger point release and focused stretching, amongst others. Such techniques have enabled David to target the cause of pain and in combination with attempting to retrain patients’ postural habits, movement as well as addressing their workplace health factors; he always aims for long term health and well being.

As an avid Gaelic football player, David Murphy has proudly represented the Singapore Gaelic Lions in the past three Asian Gaelic Games. In addition, David plays in the Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League with Singapore Supras Basketball Club. Being an active athlete as well, David has run local marathons, plus participated in and completed two Olympic triathlons!

Due to David’s involvement in a wide variety of sports and exposure to athletes of varying natures and skills, David has an acute understanding and ability to treat the common mechanisms of sporting injuries with the purpose of rehabilitation and of avoiding repeat injury.