Zoe graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy in London, the oldest teaching institution in the UK and is registered with the GOsc in the uk.  

Zoe has gained experience working within the NHS and privately in Both London and Cardiff before moving to Singapore. She regularly uses a wide variety of osteopathic techniques including structure, cranial, sports massage, kinesio taping as well as dry needling in order to create a well-rounded and personalized treatment plan.

Furthermore, she has a keen interest in a wide variety of sports, with a particular passion for running. She has also worked in a sports clinic specializing in running, football and rugby teams in past including Pen-y-bont FC, the welsh women rugby team regularly working pitch side. Alongside this, Zoe spent time working within a disabled gym and has worked at numerous sporting events including the London Marathon, Cardiff Triathlon and Thunderbird USA rugby tour. Zoe has gained experience by doing multiple training courses in order to help prevent and treat sport injuries to a high standard. Regularly giving patients exercises and advice in order to continue and get back to doing whatever they are passionate about.

Zoe has also passionate about the management of pain including chronic pain. Zoe has a post graduate certificate in pain management and is currently in her second year of a Master’s Degree in Pain Management at Cardiff University to further her education and gain experience. She believes it is vital that every patient understand why and the mechanism behind why they are in pain in order to aid a speedy and optimal recovery. She has hands on approach and is passionate in aiding her patient to allow their bodies to help heal themselves. Moreover, Zoe has also undertaken a Graded Motor imagery course from the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute.