Dr. Sairupa is a Canadian Licensed Naturopathic Doctor regulated under The College of Naturopaths of Ontario, Canada. She received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Dr. Sairupa works with people of all ages dealing with a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions. Additionally, during her 4-year Naturopathic Medicine Degree, she was accepted for a specialty internship on a clinical Paediatrics rotation, where she received extensive training on children’s health with experts in the field. She is motivated to support families find natural, safe and effective strategies to improve their health and alleviate illness.

Dr. Sairupa is very happy to be based in the dynamic country of Singapore with her husband and young daughter. As a mother, she is so passionate about the ways naturopathic medicine may support women through their reproductive years, as well as nurture a growing and busy family.

Naturopathic Philosophy involves compassionate care that focuses on the whole-person and addressing the root cause of illness. Dr. Sairupa enjoys designing personalized treatment plans to inspire lasting changes towards whole-health and wellness.



  • Clinical nutrition
  • Botanical medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Holistic counselling
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Functional Testing
  • Ayurveda Constitutional Assessment – including tongue and pulse diagnosis


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