Shoban Rahulapaskaran moved to Singapore after graduating from Kings college London and has been working as a physiotherapist for seven years. Prior to joining the private setting in 2015, Shoban worked in a government hospital and treated a variety of patients with musculoskeletal injuries, cardiorespiratory problems and neurological disorders.

Shoran Rahulapaskaran usually spends his free time either playing or watching sports. He previously used to play league basketball and cricket in London and has continued to play football recreationally in Singapore. Due to this, he has a large interest in treating sports injury patients particularly those who play cricket and basketball. Over his time in the private setting, Shoban has developed a large understanding and passion in treating shoulder, knee (particularly ligamentous injuries) and ankle injuries.

Shoran Rahulapaskaran has a strong interest in Public Health and has previously given talks about neck/back care in the public. He uses a combination of manual therapy, active rehabilitation and education to provide individualised and evidence based treatments to achieve the patients goals. Shoban is a firm believer that exercise is medicine and includes this in his personal as well as his professional life.