Thomas Wynn-Jones is a dedicated practitioner who trained at the British School of Osteopathy (London) and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsc) in the UK. He is also a founding member of the American Academy of Paediatric Osteopathy.

To meet individual patients needs, Thomas uses a large variety of osteopathic modalities/techniques such as structural, cranial, visceral and fascial release by using a holistic approach to his patients, he always works towards general health maintenance.

Thomas Wynn-Jones initially gained experience working in private and NHS clinics in London and Surrey (UK) before continuing his profession in Singapore since 2008

Through many years of work with professional rugby players, tour golfers as well as other pro and amateur athletes, Thomas has become specialized in high profile sports osteopathy, which includes the successful treatment and prevention of recurring injuries.

Being a parent himself, Thomas’ other passion is osteopathic treatment during pregnancy, where he will always work to minimize and stop the discomfort and pain related to it. This naturally lead to the treatment of many babies & children for a variety of ailments. This area of his practice is often through the use of cranial osteopathy in which Thomas has carried out extensive training in the UK and the US. He has many years of experience using this very safe and effective treatment

His interest in the well being of office workers has lead to Thomas giving daily treatment and advice for the relief of low back, neck and other pains associated with office work. Thomas ‘hands-on’ patient approach always includes patient education, as knowledge about what is wrong is always an aid to a speedier recovery.

Thomas has done award winning research work into the referral practices of GP’s within the National Health Service and has lectured and held workshops on sports injuries, pregnancy, baby/child care and workplace health.

Thomas regularly attends postgraduate training in Osteopathy as well as other complementary therapies.

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